The project is implemented under the Romania-Bulgaria Cross-border Cooperation Programme and it falls within the Specific Objective 4.1/ Encouraging the integration of the cross-border area in terms of employment and labour mobility during May 2017 - April 2019

Project manager: Senior Lecturer Mihaela Tinca Udristioiu, PhD

The project will be implemented in partnership between:

The total amount of the project is 648.094,73 Euro, being divided as follows:

Given that its contribution share is 2%, the University of Craiova contributes 10.192,02 Euro to the financing of this project. The European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) finances 85% of the eligible expenditure of the project and the State budget finances 13% of the total expenditure.

The project “A Chance for Development” aims at increasing employability by developing professional skills and ensuring better communication between employers and job seekers in Dolj, Vidin and Veliko Tarnovo counties. Its priority is to include on the labour market students and university graduates from the project implementation region.

The main objective of the projectincreasing employability by developing workers’ professional skills and ensuring contact between the employer and the unemployed person.

Included activities:

Expected results:

300 participants in joint education and training programmes, providing performance equipment to the facilities for the postgraduate courses studied at the Faculty of Sciences, University of Craiova.