Calming and tranquil with an emphasis on whitespace and open design. The perfect Joomla Template in case you want to finish your next website with ease, plus its FREE!

After many premium theme releases, the time of the year has come to deliver a Free Joomla Template with almost the same quality as our Premium collection.

Featuring a clean design, with an emphasis on whitespace, IT Zen Joomla Template has all the necessary attributes to be the next choice for your website.
The full-width slideshow, will warmly welcome your website visitors to enjoy the rest of the website. You can put there your beautiful photos, plus there is an option to display videos from Youtube or Vimeo as well. It’s all up to you.

Going forward, you will notice how simple and beautiful this Free Joomla Theme is. Make sure you checkout all the parts of the template, like typography, blog, offline page etc.

On the other hand, IT-Zen Free Joomla Theme, is fully responsive. Your users, browsing from a smartphone or tablet, will have the same amazing experience as those browsing from a desktop.


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